There's More to Love

Love is more than what bonds two or more people, it is also ubiquitously found elsewhere. Love for nature, love for work, love for passions, love! On Wednesday I developed the best roll of film I've ever photographed on a 35mm. I was so excited about the images that were on this roll, but when I pulled it out of the developing tank, there was a long strip of purple with deep black edges on either side: None of my pictures came out.

Apparently my film advance lever wasn't working, so I repeatedly exposed the same section of film every time I released the camera's shutter. I was ripped.

Afterward I regained my composure and set right to the issue. My friend from the class met up with me after school and I took her to Sugar Hill where we finished her roll of film and I completed a new one: 26 photographs! Eden was amazed at the beauty found in Sugar Hill, and she loved the views. Even when she finished off her roll of film, she borrowed my digital camera and snapped the pictures found in this blog.

I loved my day spent with Eden, and my film came out fine the next day. A few images were spotted, but luckily they weren't my favorite! I love photography so much. I stayed an extra hour and a half after class in the dark room and developed FIVE photos total. I plan on re-printing two of them, as I feel they came out too dark. Other than that, I love the pictures. As soon as I can locate a scanner, I will load them onto my blog.

Love is more than marriage, or family ties. It can be found in our everyday lives from the jobs we work to the hobbies we enjoy. There is so much I love in life, and photography is one of these passions.

*Photos by Eden! =)
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