Plans for Post Memorial Day

With Memorial Day a week away, we are allowed a glimpse of the upcoming summer! Unfortunately, I have to work all three days this weekend. =(

However, I choose to look ahead and reflect on my future summer fun. As I am now old enough to drive, I plan on taking several road trips to my family's camp in Maine, to see my grandparents in Massachusetts, and to visit my old friends from Derry. Maybe I'll head back to Lake Champlain!

I want to have fun this summer, because I had so much to do this school year, so it's time for a break. My friend from Polly's invited me to go tubing with her around the Fourth, and I'd love to go kayaking more (in my red, white & blue kayak)!

This summer I will also be working at Polly's five days a week earning money for gas and post high school shenanigans (such as college). As well as work, I am also enrolled in Global Studies and Earth & Space Science online. It's always been a challenge for me to balance work and play, but that's my goal for the summer: work, have fun, and exercise!

Swimming is my favorite past time, so I plan on exploring local swimming holes and visiting the beach. Also, I'd love to re-discover the nearby parks such as Clark's Trained Bears, Santa's Village, Story Land and Whale's Tale! This summer is going to be productive and full of fun! Yes, it will. be. fun. =)

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