Well hello! I’m Meg.

I started my first business at 11 years old with a flock of chickens and an awesome name.

Since Megg’s Eggs, I pursued my loves of writing and photography, which led me to weddings and self-employed bliss.

But the thing is, I hate weddings.

It was the venue and vendor shots that truly excited me, which led me to realize that I loved business more than why I was in business.

After this epiphany, I quickly shifted to brand and product photography and began helping small business owners with their marketing- something I discovered I was really good at.

But the thing is, most business owners are terrified or overwhelmed by the idea of marketing their business.

They feel like they don’t have the time, money, or expertise to have an effective marketing strategy, so it becomes an afterthought.

But marketing is the most powerful way to grow your business, and it will allow you to go from side hustler to self-employed in a snap.

I’m here to show you that you have what it takes to be successful in business and in marketing. Yes, you can make those entrepreneurial dreams come true!

Whether you’re a DIYer looking to learn in-person or online, need a jumpstart with website design and branding, or are terrified of getting in front of the camera but you reeeeeally need a non-pixelated, recent photo of yourself I’m here for you.

Let’s show the world what you’ve got!

- Meg




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What do I do when I’m not working?

Based in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire, I live in a cute yellow house on 5.5 acres we named "Mellow Meadows" with my husband, Shelby, and our two meows, Guinevere & Lancelot. (Not to mention plenty of plants!) I adore road trips in my VW Bugs, outdoorsy things, homesteading, and crocheting with a cup of tea.


About The MegaBug

The MegaBug is my 1999 green Volkswagen Beetle. She may be a little rusted, her paint somewhat faded and the victim of a black eye (occurred after this picture was taken; New England roads are icy), but she's like an extension of my identity. Can you tell I'm in love?

Recently I added a new bug to my swarm: a 2005 light blue convertible. Taking after her official Volkswagen color name and my astrological sign, Aquarius is my summertime ride.