The Pre-College Marathon

Now is the time when I have to start thinking deeply about college. "Where to apply?", "What are my expectations?", and all the corresponding essential questions. I know I'd definitely like to major in photography and writing (maybe a minor in sociology), and I don't want to go far. Being seventeen for the first full semester means I'm still young, and want an easy transition into the world.

Yesterday I talked to my guidance counselor about schools with a photo program. She suggested Lyndon State, Plymouth State, and a few others. These two (along with Chester College) are currently on the top of my list. With all three, I could live at home (or with my grandparents were I to select Chester), and commute. Or, I could live on campus and come home for weekends at Polly's. My mom also suggested buying a house near Lyndon if I went there, and renting it out to a roommate and myself. I think this is the most appealing option!

After looking at these schools, I exceed the requirements for Lyndon and Chester, but am one foreign language credit behind for Plymouth. If I were to also apply to Champlain College (they don't offer photography but I love Burlington), I'm skeptical about making it in. I've taken Honors Algebra II but refuse to enroll in an AP math, or Latin II. I just don't wanna do it! =)

For now, I wrote a college essay from the Common Application, and plan on filling it out- as well as other applications and essays- soon. There's just so much to think about! I wish I knew of these colleges before early May, as I would have selected them as score receivers for my SATs, which I took May 7th. Oh well. It will work.
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