The Perfect Day

A day where I can wake up at 8am and not have a worry in the world would be perfect. I'd be in my warm, fluffy bed, the sun shining through the curtains in greeting. The house I fell asleep in would be my own, and as I perambulate down the stairs to my kitchen, I'd gaze at my VW bug through the window, feeling a strong sense of accomplishment.

After reaching my destination, I would scramble some eggs from my chickens- adding in peppers and onions from my garden- and would include homemade toast on the side. This is my favorite breakfast!

After feeling satisfied, I would clean up the kitchen then go for a stroll along my gardens, admiring the view around me while photographing it. Next I would go on a date with my friend, Emily, and we would catch up while visiting the local shops. We'd even drive to Polly's for lunch!

In the afternoon I'd go on a road trip with another friend, Eden, and we would spend the rest of the day taking more photographs! I'd love for it to be sunny, then for a group ominous clouds to set in. I love experimenting with weather photos! Finally, it would be amazing for the clouds to drop rain on the Earth, giving all the plants a rivers a drink. To top it all off, there should be an amazing rainbow afterward!

At night, I would make a scrumptious dinner then nestle down with my kitties: Winnie, Pemi, Skooki and Kanc, named after Lake Winnipesaukee, the Pemigewasset River, the Kancamagus Highway, and the Skookumchuck Brook in Franconia Notch! They'd fall asleep while I read or crocheted, reflecting on the fun memories of the day.
Meg BrownComment