The End Is Almost Near

This is a photo of me at my brother, Dave's graduation from Pinkerton Academy last June. Graduation for the Class of 2011 is less than a month away, and it's almost as if the past year never existed. I can only imagine what it will be like when 2012 appears.

There is so much a Junior has to process before the exciting future of college sinks in. There's SAT's, state mandated standardized testing, AP exams and finals. Then we have to write college essays and start applying during senior year. Finally, there are more essays that correspond to scholarships.

I wonder if this is what our parents had to deal with?

Over the last year I've been in Senior English, and I've been able to bond with this group of students and study their actions towards future endeavors. (It's been a helpful process with many beneficial tips!) Now that it is fourth quarter, I'm watching as they develop detrimental cases of Senioritis, plan their class trip, and prepare for graduation. I've heard which colleges they decided to attend, and what their future plans are. I'm amazed at how quickly one's life can shift from Junior year of high school to Freshman year of college. As a high school senior, this is where the change occurs.

I'm excited for the transition. We'll see how it changes me.

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