The College Conundrum

College has been monotonous. Maybe because I'm working two jobs on top of it, and maybe because I'm not enjoying the full "college experience." But due to the inflated cost of college, I can't really do the latter.

Although I have yet to fully experience the trials of adulthood, I do feel the plight of the college student to be a testing one. Not only are we paying an inflated expense (many students end up with loans equivalent to that of a mortgage), it never ends. Homework is another part time job on top of the full time career of school.

I enjoy working. (For the most part, but who wouldn't want to win the megabucks?) Last week I was on break and was able to catch a glimpse of life beyond school. After going to work (which I am paid to do) I was able to come home and do WHATEVER I wanted. And yes, I know responsible adults do housework, but I had much rather be cleaning my room and cooking dinner than laboring over a 5 page paper.

Furthermore, I realize adults have bills to pay. But as mentioned above, so do college students. I had much rather be paying a mortgage to own a house than a student loan (/mortgage) to own a piece of paper (a la degree). Call me ignorant, but wouldn't the debt that adults hold decrease if the cost of college wasn't as high?

I'm not that saying college isn't worth it, I'm just saying it isn't cheap or even easy. Nothing worth obtaining is, but I would definitely like to see America work at making the cost more affordable. If being a college student could be my only job, then it would be a much more enjoyable experience. It's too hard for me to focus on school when I'm already exhausted from work (which I do to pay for school and my car to get to school...and so that I can have a life every so often!). I think college students should still work, but not as much as we do now. College is a huge commitment, one that I feel society and the government is not fully comprehending.