In a world where people dream of being younger, I dream of growing older.

I feel like everywhere I turn there's a wall; a boundary separating me from doing something I want to do, all because of my age.

Yeah, I understand the law. But will I magically mature into a sophisticated adult on my 18th birthday? Doubtful. It's a cumulative process. Age is a number that we place way too much emphasis on.

Everyone is different. Some people are mature at 14, while others don't grow up until they're 25. Too much of what we can and can't do is determined by age, and I'm so sick of it. Some age restrictions I can understand. It's law, and I get that. But restrictions set by society? Don't limit be because I'm 17. It's not about whether I'm legally an adult or a minor, it's what I'm capable of. A person's ability is not determined based on a number, but by what they have accomplished.

Furthermore, "it's not the years in your life but the life in your years." This applies to those adults suffering from midlife crises as well. We need to stop minding how old we are and mind what we've done with our years and what we can still do. I want to enjoy being young, but I'm so infuriated at this point that I'm counting down to becoming n adult. Why is my independence based on a day? It's more than just the law now, it's society. I'm done caring what society thinks.

52 days.

Meg BrownComment