Today while walking the Main Street of Littleton something drew me into the Village Bookstore. While browsing I was about to leave until this book drew me in: Hippie. I had seen it before and browsed through the pictures. Today, I decided to buy it. With over $12 in store credit, why not?

I'm not a hippie. I drive a VW Beetle, shop second hand and rock out to music of the 60's (and 70's), but I'm not a hippie. However, I would love to be.

The 1960's sparked a counter culture in the younger generation, one whose ideals have crept into modern society and left a mark not forgotten. The teenagers of the 60's were everything their parents of 1950's mentality were not: They were rebels in a conformist world, embraced nature in a consumer society, and stood up to the hierarchy. No longer was the role of housewife to be sustained, to the hippies, everyone was equal.

There are many qualities I admire of the hippies. They were in tune with nature and content in their physical being. A hippie could be easily spotted by their loose, colorful clothing and long, untamed hair. Hippies promoted peace, spirituality, and love. Their music was rhythmic and full of meaning. They weren't afraid to voice their beliefs and organized massive protests to spark reformation.

I admire the change these young people brought to the world and their holistic approach to life. I would love to adopt their lifestyle by eating completely natural foods and dressing in vibrant colors, embracing my full self. I would love to ride around in a VW bus and see the world, meeting people of all diversities along the way. I would also love to live a life of spirituality, practicing yoga and meditation daily.

However, I know I could never do drugs, go weeks without a shower or walk around naked on occasion. I admire the spirit, ideals, and accomplishments of these people, but I know I'd never become a hippie by its full definition. Despite that I can still drive my around in my bug and jam to oldies stations, snacking on something from my garden. I can also tune into my spirituality and live sustainably. I think everyone should be a hippie, at least in the important aspects. The world would be more accepting of others that way. Not only that, but the beauty of it would be preserved through efforts of conservation. Furthermore, I think we'd all be a little happier embracing the simple life of the 1960's. As for me, that is my full intention.
Meg BrownComment