"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." ~Leonardo da Vinci

Since the advent of the computer, our lives have been a perpetual frenzy of increased productivity resulting in more tasks and less time. This has complicated our lives.

There needs to be a balance. Although the modern way of accomplishing tasks is convenient and quick, the traditional way is more wholesome and slow. Slow and steady. It is at this point that simplicity is key.

When we find simple pleasures, our lives tend to shift into a sense of ease. Appreciating the small things is quite beneficial. Reading an engaging book before bed, waking up to a cuddly cat, hearing your favorite song on the radio, those things. We can also create simplicity. Lately I have been making my bed, and what a difference! I removed the clutter (complexity) from the situation, and made it neat (simple). Cluttered, dirty and difficult tends to be complex, while neat, clean and easy are simple.

I am always going through my room attempting to be-rid my space of chaos. (My friend, Hannah, is convinced that I am slowly on the path to having absolutely nothing.) But for me, when I clear out a space- especially my closet- it feels so open and light. Simple. I'm also left only with the items I use and like. Easy.

Therefore, we can make simplicity. Cleaning and organizing is huge, which into feng shui. We can do little things to bring relaxation. Buying a sweet soap to make your hands smell lovely (my fav is Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day in Honeysuckle), arranging a vase of pretty flowers on your nightstand (see above), taking time for afternoon tea, etc.

These small effects allow us to take time, slow down, and appreciate something simple. It brings a different speed to our lives, thus causing us to enjoy how it should be.