Narcissistic and Artistic

So this is where I prefer to be come picture time. Many people complain about the way they look in pictures, and so do I. Therefore, my secret to avoid the embarrassment of being in pictures is to take them. Pretty clever, huh?

Ever find yourself questioning this?

But unfortunately, we all need a profile picture. Whether for a job website, Facebook, e-mail, etc., sooner or later, a photo must be taken of us. I always find it incessantly annoying and narcissistic of those people who constantly take and post selfies. I mean really, how much time do you have?

However, I will agree admit that no one knows you better than you, and that can translate into your pictures. Some people are naturally photogenic. (These people suck.) Others, such as myself, have to take a plethora of photos only to narrow it down to one decent shot. However, where I was getting at is that I know which angles work for me. I know how to make myself look good in a picture, and how to position the camera. After a discouraging period of failure, I think we all figure it out.

So thus we have a masterpiece:

We feel proud of ourselves. Exuberantly self confident! And then we post the photo. Nervous. Anxious. Will anyone like it? 27 Facebook likes later, we feel like God. (Or at least, how awesome I can envision a god would feel.)

Then we experiment some more. Altering angles, perhaps shifting poses. It's amazing how much a subject can change just by how one positions it and the camera.

A different mood is created. (At least,
that's what I was aiming for.)

And then there's the majesty known as "post" or "editing".

Kind of an antique look,
don't you think?

Therefore, my collection of three photos taken within three minutes of each other has not only boosted my artistic eye, but my self confidence as well. I may condemn those perpetual selfies, but I do think we all should feel proud of who we are, and how we look. (That's not to say post 5 photos a day of yourself. ESPECIALLY using a bathroom mirror.) Every single person feels self conscious about something, and just by having one amazing picture, their perspective of themselves can shift. I know this has helped me.

Therefore, from studying how I look good in pictures and through practice on my friends, I feel confident in helping people find their true beauty. It's why I love to take pictures. When a person looks at themselves in a photo- eyes wide, jaw open- and say how much they love the photo and how they look, I celebrate. I love doing this. I think being unsure of myself helps. Truly insightful.

And just when you think you've got it right,
someone ruins it. =P

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