Dog Days

This summer has been a scorcher! I am definitely more of a temperate weather person, but I can find contentment with this heat if I am able to beach myself by the water. Especially at the ocean or Camp.

Regardless, I wonder why this type of hot spell is referred to as "the dog days of summer"? It's evident that dogs (and cats) are not fond of this heat. I have observed this in my cat who sprawls on the floor in every shady corner she can find (having to shift throughout the day in order to adjust to the shifting sunlight). I have also seen this with Sam and his mom's dog, Zoe.

Speaking of which...

Sam's mom brought home a puppy!

She's super energetic, and incredibly adorable. Although his mama wants to name her "Talula", Sam and I are set on "Izzy". (We think it sounds complimentary to Zoe.)

As I said, she loves to run around, but she can also be quite the lounger!

And it's a challenge to keep her fed.

It certainly seems like quite the experience to have a puppy. She leaps, she runs, she barks, she bites, and she LOVES attention. (She also loves feet.) It almost seems like raising a child when a dog's still a bouncy puppy. I'm not sure I could do it- I am a cat person after all- but I do not mind puppy duty one bit. She's a difficult model, but I love spending time with her.
And as for Miss Zoe...

You can tell what she thinks of the puppy!
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