Shelby's 30!

Shelby turns 30 today, wow!

He's not a fan of birthdays, but of course I still wanted to make him feel special. Last night I snuck up to Fairbanks and decorated his office with the help of a co-worker.

Today I'm dropping off these homemade sugar cookies for him and his co-workers. He's going to cry or kill me.

Miss MegaBug_Shelby's 30

I can't believe he's already 30, but I've loved spending our last few birthdays together. He's looking in this new decade of his life, but I'll love him at any age.

Blueberries and Appreciation


My friend, Paige is the Assistant to the Executive Director at the Frost Place, and this week is their Conference on Poetry and Teaching.

It's tradition for the Frost Place to invite a member of the community to act as a Frost in the Air reader. I was invited to deliver a poem last night and decided to read Frost's "Blueberries."

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of poetry.

However, I've always had a soft spot for Frost's realism and the way he captures quintessential New England yankees. "Blueberries" is a hilarious conversation about coveting your blueberry bushes and beating your neighbors to the pick.

Reading at the Frost Place is peaceful. The barn directly faces a view of the mountains, which is what brought Robert Frost to Franconia in the first place.

Coincidentally, Frost also lived in Derry where I grew up. He taught at Pinkerton Academy, the high school I would have gone to had we not moved.

Although Frost did not move to the mountains directly from Derry as I did (he sojourned in England for a few years), I can relate to why he finally settled here.

Reading his words in the place we chose to live was truly magical. I'm so appreciative to live north of the notch.

Sunday Strawberry Picking

Patti and I were delighted when Tina of Ski Hearth Farm delivered four pints of strawberries to Serendipity Studios last week. Naturally, we took the opportunity to photograph them before they were all gone!

They were so. good. Ski Hearth Farm was open this weekend, so I decided to invite my hippie friend, Paige to pick with me. (Because one can never have too many strawberries.)


Picking your own food fresh from the farm is such a beautiful affair. There's no other connection like it- unless, of course, you grow your own from seed.

Paige and I felt this wonderful appreciation for our strawberries that we have decided to hit the farms more often. We already enjoy cooking together, so talk about farm to table. (If our produce makes it that far!)

Thanks for the fun, Ski Hearth Farm!