Sunday Strawberry Picking

Patti and I were delighted when Tina of Ski Hearth Farm delivered four pints of strawberries to Serendipity Studios last week. Naturally, we took the opportunity to photograph them before they were all gone!

They were so. good. Ski Hearth Farm was open this weekend, so I decided to invite my hippie friend, Paige to pick with me. (Because one can never have too many strawberries.)


Picking your own food fresh from the farm is such a beautiful affair. There's no other connection like it- unless, of course, you grow your own from seed.

Paige and I felt this wonderful appreciation for our strawberries that we have decided to hit the farms more often. We already enjoy cooking together, so talk about farm to table. (If our produce makes it that far!)

Thanks for the fun, Ski Hearth Farm!