2017: Revitalization

I feel like every time I write these I say, "I wasn't expecting last year to be as hectic" and all that. Well, the New Year always ends up being hectic too.

Fortunately, however, I know I won't be buying a house, starting a new business, or getting married in 2017, so I think this

time it's safe to say that this year won't be as hectic as last.

As I mentioned in Resolutions vs. Goals, I'm calling 2017 my year of revitalization. Each month, I am going to clear a different aspect of my physical, mental, and spiritual clutter. Working on one small area at a time will prevent me from feeling overwhelmed, and allow me to feel accomplished every month.

Towards the beginning of each month, I'll write out my 2017 Revitalization goals and at the end of the month, will write a re-cap. This will hold me accountable. =)

Overall, however, this is what I hope to accomplish in 2017:

• Visit Florida with Shelby, Dad, Charlotte, and a few fun members of her family later this month. I haven't taken a vacation with Dad since I was 13, so this will be fun. I'm also in charge of our itinerary, which is extra fun! (This will be the first year in my LIFE that I can spend my birthday on the beach. Hello, 22!)

• Improve my diet and add exercise to my routine. I'm ready to feel better from the inside out.

• Cook and bake more. I had a great start last year, and am looking forward to continuing that in 2017.

• Hone in on my style. I wasn't able to find it last year! (I didn't really put much thought into it either...)

• Re-organize and decorate our house.

• Add extra flair to my space in Serendipity Studios.

• Improve my photography, especially with direct sunlight and studio lights. I'd also like to work with Patti on lay-downs, which is a type of product photography. Patti is a designer, so I know she's got this!

• Learn something new. I still want to take Fundamentals of Jewelry with the Littleton Studio School! Maybe learn German? It may be advantageous to know what Dad's side of the family is talking about.

• Continue doing crafty things. I picked up my crochet hook last year! Maybe I'll give knitting another try...

• Visit New York City with Mom and Nanny in October. I've never been!

So if all goes according to plan (pleeease), 2017 looks to be a fabulous year.