Eddie is Riding Away in His Mustang

My cousin, Eddie is graduating this weekend!!! At the end of last summer I visited him in Maine to take his senior pictures along with his girlfriend, Kenzie's (and of course, a few of them together.)

We started at the family camp on Pequawket Lake, but I actually liked the neighbor's dock better. Ours hasn't been wood for years.

The next day we parked at a covered bridge which proved to be an interesting background. You can't see the graffiti in the photos above, but oh was it there.

Like me, Eddie wanted a few photos taken with his car. Unlike me, however, his car is actually considered "cool."

Eddie's 2011 v6 Mustang is the result of hard work and smart savings. The way to be!

 We ended at their high school where some of my favorite shots of the two of them were taken with their school mascot, the hawk.

Eddie is enrolled in UMaine Farmington in the fall where he will study to be a social studies teacher. His gentleness and patience will serve him well here.

Best of luck to you, Ed! You have the best people behind you. (Including me, of course. ;) Always.)