Gypsy Cafe's Award Winning Dish

The Gypsy Cafe in Lincoln is one of my absolute favorite restaurants. Boasting "Food From Around the World," each dish is a unique blend of ingredients, leading to incredible flavor.

It only makes sense that one of their dishes went on to win best entree in General Mills' Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest.

Chef and owner Dan Duris submitted his recipe for Waffled Salmon with Orange Maple Sauce. In honor of his achievement, General Mills planned a little party last night to invite patrons to sample the dish, and present Dan with an oversized check. They called me to photograph the affair!

Dan with his wife, Kristy (my former teacher!), and his mom/co-owner Claire.

Next week, Dan will travel to Minneapolis to go up against the breakfast and dessert category winners, preparing Waffled Salmon for celebrity chef Amanda Freitag of Food Networks "Chopped" and "American Diner Revival." Freitag will decide the winner of the three, thus determining the amount Dan will receive on his oversized check.

I had such fun capturing the event and talking to the party goers. In between candids, I was able to snap a few shots of the Gypsy's colorful, spunky, and fun interior.

At last I was able to photograph the Waffled Salmon! And after that, I ate it. Yum, yum!