Bike Week Baby

It's Bike Week in Laconia! I've already passed quite a few on the highway heading to the mountains. I like to think of myself as free and on the open road, but I haven't operated a motorcycle since earning my license three years ago. Someday I'll find an on/off road to accommodate my short stature!

But in the meantime, I'm throwing this Thursday back to Bike Week two years ago. My friends, Reina and Cameron, had just welcomed Annabelle into the family, and at 1 week old, we christened her as a biker babe before Cameron took off on his Harley to Bike Week.

I can't get enough of that outfit!

We also took some softer images with mama.

And she looked at me! Annabelle Marie was born June 14, 2014. Her brother, Cayden Cameron Michael was born May 27, 2016.