Lovebirds: J & L

Two years ago I photographed this lovely couple during one of my first engagement shoots. At that time I didn't have the MegaBug blog, but I loved the photos so much that I published a selection on my personal blog.

With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought it was appropriate to "Throwback Thursday" to this very first engagement shoot:

Laurie is probably the bubbliest bank teller you will ever meet. Knowledgeable and kind, she was a great help when I worked at Cottage Street. Therefore, when she approached me about taking photos of her and fiancee, Jimmy, of course I said yes!

Laurie and Jimmy met through church- Jimmy's father is the preacher- and it only took him eight months (after they "finally" began dating) to realize that Laurie is the one. On December 1, 2013, Jimmy proposed.

Laurie says it was "the perfect moment in time" at Finnegan's Fine Firs tree farm. The couple was hunting for a tree amidst a lightly snowing backdrop complete with Michael Buble singing Christmas songs from Laurie's phone. When suddenly, Jimmy told Laurie he had their first ornament: a Zales Jewelry box! =D But there was no ring in it. =0 Eventually Jimmy lowered himself to one knee and pulled it out of his pocket. =D!

Laurie says he wasn't lying about the ornament part, and drilled a hole in the box to hang on their tree. I'm so honored they asked me to take pictures, and I have to say it was my best and most favorite shoot to date. Laurie's an aspiring photographer herself, and chose the Adair Country Inn & Restaurant in Bethlehem as the back drop. Although I'm in the works of developing a blog for MegaBug Photography, I just had to write about this. After scrolling down, you'll understand why: these two are absolutely adorable!

And these are only a few of the photos we took today. (I wish them luck in deciding which one goes on their save-the-dates!) Congratulations, Jimmy and Laurie! Your love is infectious and I had a wonderful afternoon capturing it. <3

Jimmy & Laurie were married June 14, 2014.