Hello, 21

Wow. I can't believe that today I turn 21. It's been a few years since I started feeling like an adult, but today the world will recognize me as one. I wish I did more fun things today, but I wanted to run my 21 errands:

My morning began with snuggles from Guinevere, and howling from Lancelot, who wanted to be let out of the bedroom. I stayed in bed for a few minutes while Shelby cooked bacon and eggs. Yum!

I then drove to the DMV to renew my driver's license and now have a horizontal one. Whoo hoo! On my way home I stopped at the town building and registered my car and registered to vote. Shelby joined me on the trek to Littleton where I attempted to renew my passport. Unfortunately, the Feds don't recognize NH temporary licenses, so I have to go back. >=/ At least I filled out the form, wrote the check, and had my picture taken.

We wanted to have lunch at the French Sisters bakery, but they're closed on Mondays. Instead we enjoyed soup and appetizers at Chang Thai!

After that I finalized my new website and set it live! I put so much time and serious PhotoShopping skills into it, and am so happy with the results. There are still a few updates I need to work on, but it's mostly all set.

The day concluded with dinner at Stickney's and a couple games of air hockey, which I lost to Shelby miserably. My end of the day reflections led me to decide that I need to be more spontaneous. I spent most of my birthday doing responsible things and didn't even have my first (legal) drink. My goal for 21 and beyond is to continue being responsible, but let things go. Be more fun and willing to make last minute decisions, or spend money on something I really want.