A Foundation of Mountains and Moonshine (well...beer)

I met Julie through an adult tap & jazz class. Her and my mom were already steadfast hiking friends, and we both adore Julie for her energetic personality and determination.

Michael is the perfect balance to Julie's giggliness. They met through the Appalachian Mountain Club, where Julie works during summers off from being a school teacher. Their love of hiking kept them together, despite Michael living a few hours away in Montreal.

They decided to have their wedding in the U.S. at St. Rose of Lima Church in Littleton- where the two are very fond of Father Mark.

Mom was Julie's maid of honor!

We went to Harmony Park along the Ammonoosuc River, where the couple demonstrated their musical talents.

This photo at the footbridge was featured in the Littleton Courier!

The couple switches off who visits who, and always make a point to visit Schilling Beer Co. when Michael is in the States. It was only fitting for this to be the location of their reception.

Schilling asked what their favorite brew is and made sure to have a special bottle on hand for the newlyweds.

Thanks for inviting me, Julie & Michael! I look forward to joining you on future hikes.

Flowers by EH Floral