Lovely Lupine


One of my favorite things about living in the mountains is the abundance of lupine that dot the hillsides in June. In Sugar Hill we love our lupines so much, that we created a Festival just for them. I took these photos two years ago with Sam and wrote this post on my personal blog, but I love the way these images came out, and decided to repost them here on my photography blog. They were taken with my little Rebel T3i and a kit lens, proving that you don't need a super fancy camera to capture super fancy images. (But it helps!)

 IMG_4506  IMG_4507-2  IMG_4644  IMG_4619-3  IMG_4537-2  IMG_4645-2  IMG_4651-2  IMG_4581  IMG_4630  IMG_4631-2  IMG_4639-2  IMG_4643  IMG_4603  IMG_4599-2

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