Sunset on a Super H


Shelby is always telling me to take more pictures. Today we participated in the Lupine Celebration photography workshop with George Mitchell- the perfect opportunity to do so. George taught us about the "golden hour," and why lighting conditions are best during sunrise and sunset. During the workshop, we explored my favorite field, which is right behind the Sugar Hill Meetinghouse. As the field does not offer lupine sightings, our group settled on photographing a Farmall tractor instead. Shelby and I decided to go back during the golden hour to take advantage of the gorgeous sunlight- and because my battery was dead during the workshop!

 IMG_2376  IMG_2394  IMG_2421  IMG_2428  IMG_2493  IMG_2576  IMG_2404

Shelby's family are big fans of Farmall tractors. He says this Super H is a newer model, manufactured around 1953. Very new...

 IMG_2549  IMG_2531  IMG_2534  IMG_2474  IMG_2517  IMG_2473

These photos were taken between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m. and have been posted in the rough order in which they were taken. I loved watching the sun set over this field, as it reminded me of the many times I did so back in high school. Its quaint peacefulness allowed me to quiet my thoughts and feel completely in the moment, something that's usually hard for me to do. A few of my favorite senior pictures were taken in autumn on a log that used to lay in this very field.


It was lovely to experience the sunset here again, even more so because Shelby was with me. He has now inspired me to start "Just Go Shoot Saturday."