Bermuda Blues


A year ago, Nanny and I finally made it to Bermuda in celebration of my high school graduation (we were a little late in the celebrating.) She booked a cruise and became sick the very first night, as the New England Atlantic is rather rough.

 IMG_5007-2  IMG_5099-2

After stepping off the boat a few days later, I immediately photographed a palm tree. I felt like such a traveler!


We explored the Royal Naval Dockyard and enjoyed the gorgeously warm sea breeze.

 IMG_5108  IMG_5119

Bermuda is known for its rum, so we gave in to tradition and sampled a coconut rum cake from the Bermuda Rum Cake Factory and admired Dockyard Glassworks.

 IMG_5152  IMG_5153

The next day, we went underground and visited the Crystal Caves, discovered in the early 20th century by two young boys who lost their cricket ball down a hole. They swam for hours through the cave looking for it- in the dark!

 IMG_5257  IMG_5247

Our first experience with Bermudian water was at Tobacco Bay in St. George's Parish. The limestone is fun to climb on, and the water is gorgeously clear.

 IMG_5282-2  IMG_5318-2

When walking to the ferry from Tobacco Bay, the stone wall framing this church caught my eye. Bermuda has many gorgeous churches.


Our last day was spent beach hopping, Warwick Long Bay being our absolute favorite- pink sands without the crowds! A year later I still dream that I'm floating in the waves, and I can't wait to go back. Thank you for the experience, Nanny, and for running on arthritic hips to catch the ferry in Hamilton! (I'm still oh so sorry about that.)

 Nanny and Me

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