When I graduate...

Last week I registered at Lyndon for the last time. Although I'm ready for summer, I am also looking forward to snow again--because in December, I graduate! I will be completely DONE with school, an incredibly refreshing feeling. I'm at that point now where many people ask me, "What will you do after you graduate?", somehow thinking I will not be able to occupy all of the time I currently spend on school. However, I have an entire list of what I will be doing post graduation:

  • Building my business. I will have time to take the BETA (Business and Entrepreneurial Technical Assistance) course at WREN as well as other photography workshops, including those at C1M Academy in Amherst. I might also teach a few photography workshops of my own! (Stay tuned...)
  • Improving my photography. Along with workshops, I will also dedicate more time to shooting and submitting my work to galleries and contests as well as joining more organizations (Chambers, photography associations, etc.).
  • Traveling. I love new experiences and documenting the places I visit. Learning is not confined to the classroom, and I know my travels will provide me with a more in-depth education. Additionally, travel is an excellent way to improve photography!
  • Writing. I've always wanted to be a writer, even before I first picked up a camera. I will have enough time to write creatively and perhaps look into publishing. Furthermore, I have a few professional writing opportunities that I will pursue further, including guest blogging at MassFinds.
  • Crocheting. This is an old hobby of mine. I started in the third grade but have lost touch with it due to time constraints. I'm hoping to become a "happy hooker" yet again! (And maybe even learn how to knit.)
  • Homesteading. Another passion of mine, I'm going to help with my family's garden this summer and eventually make everything myself from food to toilet cleaners. My goal is to follow the Paleo and green lifestyles and everything advised by my favorite blog, Empowered Sustenance. (She's awesome! Check her out.)
  • Exercising. This has been a battle. As I'm dating a super active boy, I don't think it will be difficult, I just need the time! I'd like to kayak, bike, hike, cross-country and downhill ski. No gym for me!!!
  • Skiing. Today I went skiing on Cannon Mountain with my mom and cousin, Eddie. I forgot how much I love it. It took a few runs, but it finally came back to me and I look forward to improving. (One perk of being a college student is the 4NH Pass- an inexpensive season pass to Cannon, Bretton Woods, Cranmore, and Waterville Valley. I am definitely investing in this before I graduate.)
  • Buying a new car. I've had the bug for three years now and am praying it lasts until I graduate. After that I'm hoping to find a green 2010 with a sunroof and manual transmission. Is that too much to ask? Hahaha.
  • Buying a house. After working as a residential loan assistance and reading many books on finance, I will never rent an apartment. Instead of lining a landlord's pocket I'd rather put that money into equity. It may take a few years, but I can definitely do it.

I'm so excited because I know all of these things are feasible. I work for myself and love what I do, and I know my business will take off. (It already has!) In addition to that I'd love to be a freelance writer/photographer for Yankee Magazine and National Geographic, among a few others. What's also helpful in my situation is that I will be graduating with no student loans. NONE. I will have earned a Bachelor's, two Associate's and a minor without any federal or private aid. I'm so thankful for the opportunities I've had, as student loans are such a huge weight I will not have to deal with. (I'm also going to live with cats and plants instead of dogs and kids, which will allow me to spend my time and money on everything listed above.)

So for everyone who's wondering what I will do post college graduation, I have it all figured out. =)
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