Vespa: La Dolce Vita

Tim has given up on me. He says I am too short, that we will never find an on/off road dirt bike that will fit my stature of 5'1"--nor his tall standards. It's a rather depressing prospect, seeing as I got my motorcycle license on May 3, 2013 and haven't been on two wheels since. Well, two motorized wheels.

I haven't given up hope. Even if I have to wait a few more years to stumble across an orange '70s bike with low suspension, I know one is out there. Bring on the kick-start.

For now I have developed a new plan, however, one that formulated from a flashback:

Italy. My 2011 transatlantic voyage and first time leaving the U.S. (Read all about it here.) Not only did I maintain my weight while licking gelato everyday, but I admired the cobblestone streets, fashions, and scooters that buzzed all over town. Although I had only purchased my bug a few months before (das Auto), I could picture myself whizzing by, a colorful blur humming down the street. If Germany's vehicle is the Volkswagen Beetle, then Italy's is certainly the Piaggio Vespa.

In the back of my mind I've always wanted a scooter. The list was bug, dirt bike, scooter. While waiting for a dirt bike that I can touch the ground on, I'd like to re-acclimatize myself to two motorized wheels, and a scooter is now the best option.

The Vespa LX 150 i.e. is probably their most popular model, and the one I would go for had it not been for the company's launch of the revived Primavera 150. Not only does it pack 117 mpg versus the LX's 75, its top speed is still 59 mph. At only $100 more retail, the Primavera's design is inspired by vintage models. Behold:

=') It makes me happy. Almost as happy as the bug. After researching my color options (because that's what we girls do), I've concluded that red is vibe for me; bold, retro, edgy.

(OMG she has a camera!)

Now to be the logical, rational thinker that I strive to be, I need to look at this from all angles. I live in Sugar Hill. Hill. They do not lie with the name- we have hills. It's not that the thing couldn't power me up it, I'd just be a tad nervous about it. It's not like I'd scoot down to Nanny's either (though it would look adorable on the streets of Newburyport!), I'd just drive it to work and to Littleton.

So this is on the list, which has changed from bug, dirt bike, scooter to bug, scooter, dirt bike. (I haven't crossed bug off the list, because I am actually in the market for a new one...).

Oh- and the license plate would be MGASCT.

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