Rx for a Chill Pill

I find society's expectations to be much higher than I would like. (Agree?) In order to be deemed "successful" or "mature", teenagers must work two part time jobs and attend school full time. Doing either or without the other deems us "lazy" or "unmotivated".

The same applies to adults. I find people brag about the overtime they put in last week, or how they haven't had a vacation in five years. Are they seeking a medal or something? Why place emphasis on our Calvinistic society? Why not discuss the amazing weekend we spent at the fair, or how we're excited the leaves have turned? We're all so negative! (Myself included.)

Tonight I have done some major reflection. I too have adapted to the ritual of overworking myself and bragging to some while lamenting to others. I need to STOP. My mom put it in perspective for me: "Meg, you're supposed to be graduating with a high school DIPLOMA in June and instead you're earning your Associate's DEGREE in May! Give yourself a break." She's right. Listen to my Mama and give yourself a break! Why are we always in a rush? (Personally I do not regret getting out of high school asap as it just wasn't for me, but I will admit that I could have pressured myself less in the process.)

Give something up. Seriously. If you're working two jobs that equal well over 40 hours QUIT ONE. On your death bed will you regret the day you did not work or the day you did not play? We are not slaves to money so we should stop acting like it. WE make money and success. MONEY and SUCCESS do not make us. This is imperative.

Life is not a competition either. Do not hitchhike on the path of others, make a path of your own. Set goals, but take reasonable time to accomplish them. Read The Secret. It's an amazing book! (Visit the website too. http://thesecret.tv/) Find a frugal alternative to attending a pricey university or purchasing a luxury home. Think of the work you will save yourself! I'd rather live in a tiny house and work 25 hours a week than live in a massive one working 50. Avoid conforming to the American Dream and be your own person. If we compete with others for material objects and success, we'll only feel worse about ourselves. I think we all would rather feel care free than stressed.
Meg's Rx for a Chill Pill:
  • Set reasonable goals. Work towards said goals. Take them one at a time.
  • Avoid hitchhiking. Why be someone else when you can be you? Don't place the key to your happiness in somebody else's pocket.
  • Avoid competition. It only makes us feel miserable and insignificant.
  • Alter your interpretation of success and happiness. Apply these principles to yourself and your expectations, and not to other's. (Happiness to one is not happiness to another.)
  • Plan. If college is your goal work one part time job and set the hours yourself. Give your employer flexibility, but be firm. They will try to take advantage of you.
  • Reorder your sentences to contain more "can's" and "do's". You will feel better.
  • Find balance. Avoid overworking. Think European. Life is meant to be spent with family and friends, not at work! Work is necessary but not all powerful. Devote time to better yourself. Take an art class, or learn how to grow your own garden. Enrich your life in fields non related to work or academics. Be a well rounded individual. Be yourself!
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