Autumnal Equinox

Today marks the first day of Autumn. Although the season brings Winter and school, I still adore it. The bold colors of deep red, fiery orange, bright yellow and crisp brown paint the most gorgeous picture on a normally green landscape. I feel as though summer dulls down the landscape. Everything is in that green monotone, whereas Autumn brings variety of these four colors. Additionally the temperature begins to drop, but not enough to be a nuisance. Fall air is cool and refreshing. Winter is cold and numbing. I love walking outside in my jeans and jackets then coming inside feeling the chill of desire for hot cocoa. I love Fall styles. Winter jackets are heavy and Summer is so hot and uncomfortable! Overall, I love Autumn. The fragrance of spiced apple cider, its warmth touching my lips. Those colorful scenes. The styles. My gosh! I know it's early, but I plan on scheduling my wedding day for the Fall Equinox. And if I were to ever have a daughter, her middle name would be Autumn.
Meg Brown1 Comment