Modern Media: A Predestined Obituary

The newspaper industry has been suffering. With the increasing popularity of broadcasting and gossip sites print media has taken a turn for the worse. No longer do people purchase newspapers when they can read the same story online free of charge.

All along I've known this, yet my obstinate nature continues to lead me down the print path. Although I enjoy watching World News, I prefer reading the New York Times. Although every professor at Lyndon tells me the jobs are in broadcasting, my path is newspapers.

Currently I write for the Littleton Courier. I'm a stringer. This means I am paid per article I write, and initially my articles were Police and Court News. (I have been requested by the public, however, to write a human interest story.)

Unfortunately not everyone agrees with me on the preference and necessity of the newspaper. It is due to convenience that my editor e-mailed me, stating that a full time reporter at the Berlin newspaper was laid off. It is also why my editor e-mailed me stating that I can no longer be paid for writing Police News.

I am shocked. To say the e-mail was unexpected, however, would be lying. I know newspapers are not in a stable condition. Despite that I'm still saddened. I don't want them to die out. Newspaper articles allow for fuller detail to be added in a story, versus the abrupt reporting on a news cast. They are also an experience to read. To hold a newspaper, feel it's gritty texture between one's fingers and breathe to breathe in the woody, papery fragrance is intoxicating. Newspapers draw people in. I love them.

I decided to continue writing Police News for the Courier. I will not be paid, but the satisfaction of seeing my name in the paper and to say I write for the Courier is pay enough. I don't ever want to lose newspapers. If anyone feels the same way I do speak up! Write fan letters to your newspapers. Tell others about their wonder. Keep them alive. I will continue to pay for and read newspapers till death do us part.
Meg BrownComment