The Breakdown

It happened. Tim's goal has been crushed. A milestone was reached last Tuesday: 192,000. Unfortunately, that milestone will never be expanded. Recently, there have been issues with the Chevy S10: delayed shifting that requires me to push the gas petal- hard- to go anywhere. Tim dismissed it, commenting that I didn't let the vehicle warm up enough, and that it's old.

Well, there's more to it than that. This morning when I tried to back out, the truck really didn't want to move. I made it to school, but Tim called me, saying the truck was done. Now he has to drive me to my Photography class in Littleton, and my freedom will be delayed a little longer.

However, over vacation I will be put through a rigorous course of learning how to drive standard. I suppose this makes me happy, as I'm looking forward to driving the bug- but I'm so sad it had to happen like this. I wanted that truck to reach 200,000 miles. It was so close. We've had this truck for years, and it reminds me so much of my step dad. Well, for the week of fun I had transporting myself and enjoying a little slice of freedom: I thank you, truck, and hope you lead a long, happy afterlife in the Heaven of Vehicles. I'm so sad! =(

Update: As of Fall, 2012 Tim's truck met the 200,000 mile point. He sold it soon after. Luckily I still pass it every so often when I drive to Littleton, as that is the trucks new home. I will never forget what vehicle I learned how to drive in.
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