Birthday Wishes

Today is my mom's birthday. I won't necessarily announce how old she is, but her age is thirty more than mine! (Trust me, she's very young for her age.) Mom and I are so similar, that it can be difficult to live together. Both of us know I'm ready to move on, and are counting down to the day that I can. It's not that she wants me gone, Mom just knows it's time.

For the now, she's the typical mother who enjoys exercising restraint because she only has a little while longer to do so. I understand, but it can be frustrating! Since I was little, though, Mom's been making the best decisions for me. We moved when I was four to a town with a better school system. Then- when I wanted a smaller school system- she moved us again. I know Mom has had so many constantly changing dreams, but she's always found time for mine. Most of my day was spent in school, so I barely had time to see her, but I hope today was wonderful. This morning she proclaimed February 17th as a National Holiday, and Tim (my step-dad) and I jokingly agreed that she was narcissisticaly seeking the attention devoted to a queen! I'm sure he did his best.

Today was another landmark in the Sugar Hill Brown's household: I drove to school! I know both Mom and Tim greatly appreciate that I can now cart myself around. For me, the freedom was amazing! Finally what I've been dreaming of! However, the bug is still standard, and my knowledge of the skill is limited. Thus, Tim has generously loaned me his extra truck with the wisdom: "I love this truck. I bought it when it was two years old and I want to run it to 200,000 miles. We have 9,000 miles left. Please don't end this dream." I giggled at this. Tim is emotionally fond of his vehicles, and I don't blame him one bit! I love how this advice was a kind way of saying "don't crash!", and I will keep it in mind. The truck and I agree with each other, so it works. (The Bug's still my preferred chariot, but the time will come.)

For now, I'm loving life. The newly acquired independence is spectacular, and I feel so self sufficient. I still have to remember not to grow up too fast, though. I just love being on my own! Both Tim and Mom have helped me reach this point, and I know they'll thrust me into the next adventure soon enough. I await the day. Happy birthday, Mom.

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