What Does Love Mean To You?

Today is Valentine's Day, the day of love. Many who surround me feel cynical towards the holiday, but I never have. There's more to love that being in a relationship. Love isn't just for a significant other, it's also extended to friends and family. I think of Valentine's Day as an excuse to reflect upon what I love in life. There's so much to ponder on this day! I love so much. I love my family, because we're tight, joke around, and always make it a point to call each on birthdays and get together on holidays. Two weekends ago we spent the weekend in North Conway. I love them!

I love my friends. There are so many who deserve special attention, and they're all different. Because I moved to Sugar Hill from Derry, I know many people from a variety of backgrounds. It's comforting to know I always have someone to turn to in a time of need. My friends are hilarious, driven, and excellent listeners. I love them!

I love my cat. She can be such a witch most of the time, but we've been together thirteen years. I named her Rainbow, and she's gray. Puss is a living stuffed animal that purrs. She's so serene when she sleeps, and provides additional support in a time of need. I love her!

I just love my life. Since I was young I've been driven and diligent about making my dreams come true. I've been told "no", but all I hear is "yes". I worked for the job of my dreams at Polly's, saved for my dream car, been recognized for my photography, and now I might be landing an internship at the Courier. My style varies, but most of it is based on what I find second hand. I feel passionate about what I believe in, and am not afraid to fight for it. There are definitely struggles in life- living the age of 16 when I'm ready to be free- but I still love my life. It's all I could ever want and there's more to come. I love life!
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