Celebrating With Emshika Wine


Happy New Year, everyone! Before setting my goals for 2019 I reflected on all the good that came from my 2018. Last year I officially discontinued wedding coverage and rebranded my website towards product and food photography- my true passions.

In 2018 I also photographed a few inspiration shoots in my studio on my own (when I was feeling brave!) and with Patti or Thayer as stylists.

In case you missed it, I share my studio with the amazing product/textile designer and illustrator, Patti King Slavtcheff. She is my co-serendipitous soul at Serendipity Studios and I am so, so grateful to have her in my life.

Thayer Weinblad is the co-owner of Weinport Creative. She’s an amazing graphic designer, art director, and photographer (she captured mine and Shelby’s second wedding anniversary shots!). Earlier in 2018, Thayer and I collaborated on a couple of inspiration shoots, with Emshika Wine being the star of one of them. As New Year’s is a celebratory occasion, I’ve decided to share a few shots from our afternoon of giggles and drinking on the job.


Emshika Wine is a dry riesling-gewurtztraminer white wine fermented by the fabulous LaBelle Winery. It is the result of a collaboration between LaBelle and the ever-inspiring Emshika Alberini.

The wine pairs well with Thai food (check out Emshika’s restaurant, Chang Thai Cafe!), and as it’s a German-style wine, it also has my Oma’s stamp of approval.


I adore the tropical direction Thayer took with this set-up! We sourced the leaves from Cherry Blossom Floral here in Littleton, the glitter came from Thayer’s arsenal, and the wine glasses were a wedding present to me from our mutual friend, Paige.


Thayer has since moved back to her hometown of New Bedford, MA (miss ya, girl!), but thanks to the ‘gram, we stay in touch. If you live in the central New England area, you should totally look her up.

Cheers to 2019!