2019: Joy


As I was pondering what my word for 2019 would be, it came to me like an epiphany: joy. Not only is it my middle name, I’ve realized recently that I can’t just spend my life pursuing greater things and experiences, I have to enjoy where I’m at now.

So with joy as my theme, I hope to do more things that bring me joy in both business and my personal life, feel more joy and appreciation over my current situation, and feel more joy about my physical self.

Here is how I plan to incorporate more joy into my life in 2019…

• Towards the beginning and end of 2018 I began shooting food and product just for fun. I loved it! Even though I wasn’t paid for these photos, the joy they brought (and the experience) was worth it. So this year I’m planning on photographing at least one inspiration-styled shoot per month.

• I’ve already signed up for joy bringing classes at the Littleton Studio School (Fundamentals of Jewelry with Sinead Cleary to be precise!), Sip & Script’s Intro to Calligraphy, and a class on reducing sugar intake at Balance Bethlehem. I’m hoping to enroll in more fun and inspiring classes this year.

• Along with taking classes, I’m going to commit to doing activities that bring me joy such as reading, crocheting, cooking, cross country skiing, swimming, meditating, petting my cats, spending time with friends, and planning more date nights with Shelby.

• This year I want to celebrate my physical self. One of my biggest challenges in life is living too much in my head. To help with my grounding, I’d like to start connecting with my body through yoga, stretching, and even cross country skiing. In addition to, I am shifting my mindset from focusing on my flaws and complaints to instead celebrating my amazing features and how grateful I am for my body. (Hello, Mirror Work!)

And on top of all of that, here is what I hope to accomplish in 2019…

• Committing to the stellar morning and evening routines I’ve planned for myself. Last year I began waking up earlier, which allowed me to get more done (both at work and at home), and I also felt more grounded and balanced. I’d like to get back on the early morning band wagon to feel more at ease- and joyful!

• Grossing $100k with my business. Okay, this seems totally far fetched but I am committed to making this happen. I’ve researched passive income streams and am on track to launch five marketing/photography online courses along with several guidebooks throughout the year. I also have plans to increase my own marketing efforts.

• Complete one course per month themed around business growth, whether in marketing, improving my skills, etc.

• Finally get back to my goal weight. I’ve been struggling with this for years and have decided that this time I will take a more joyful approach. (Seriously, this is THE word for my 2019.) As I mentioned above, I want to take a positive approach by celebrating my body for what it is now, moving it in a way I like (no gym for me), and eating like a French person. These people eat cheese and chocolate without getting fat. They’re onto something.

• On the same wavelength of getting back to my goal weight, I am going to cook more. I’ve been great at preparing my breakfast and lunches, but dinner can take a downward spiral if I don’t plan ahead. Last year I started cooking soups in huge batches that I could freeze for future lazy nights, and I’d like to do more of that this year. Shelby also went through some recipes that seemed appealing to him, so I’m happy that this is a mutual goal.

• Reduce my waste. Sorting out recyclables is a legit nuisance, so I plan on reducing the packaging I use by buying more in bulk and making my own cleaning and food products. I made a hummus last month that was ridiculously easy- and delicious!

I’m feeling overjoyed already! And I wish you a joyful and inspiring 2019.