Meg Got Married!

Oh my gosh! I am ecstatic to announce that Shelby and I eloped over the weekend at our beautiful Mellow Meadows.

Yes, eloped. We didn't tell our families and many of our friends until the day after. Shelby and I are introverts (believe it or not) and we've been planning a simple wedding for quite some time. Although I adore the wonderful venues and beautiful details I've seen at the weddings I photograph, Shelby and I have always wanted something low key.

We decided to make our rings with Sinead Cleary Jewelry to be as involved in the process as possible. My wedding ring has pearls- my favorite!- as they are Shelby's birthstone, while his contains a small amethyst for mine.

With an emphasis on local, we called down Kelly the JP, had Emily Herzig Floral Studio design me a gorgeous flower crown and bouquet, and of course we had a photographer! My friend and studio mate, Angie Low of AGLOW Photography rounded out our local crew.

Now I know how all of my clients feel- I want to see our photos now!

Shelby and I are loving married life, and are even more excited to share it in our beautiful little home with the meows, Guinevere & Lancelot. This has been one incredible year, and I look forward to what's coming next.