Simple Moments

It's always exciting to take a picture. Posing the shot, choosing the settings, envisioning exactly how it will turn out. Some shots are a happy accident, while others are planned.

As I mentioned yesterday, it was hard to capture a photo of Grandpa on his own. Usually he'd be with Nanny, but this particular day, he was being extra shy. To ease him into it, I asked if I could start with their hands. The result was beyond what I could imagine.

When I took this photo, I thought it was a good idea. When I edited it, I knew it was a keeper. A few weeks ago, it brought me to tears. No photo has ever made me cry as hard or as long as this one did. There are no faces, no color, but the emotion it encompasses it far reaching, and what it means to me is insurmountable. Grandpa still had a tan line from this watch when he died.

If I ever photograph your wedding and ask you to hold hands, this is why; it's so when you celebrate your tenth anniversary, 25th, 50th, and even beyond, you can look at that photo and remember how your hands looked in each other's on your wedding day. I explained this to the couple at my last wedding when I asked them to stand a little farther apart. The groom nodded in tears, holding his wife's hand a little tighter.

Today is Nanny & Grandpa's 54th wedding anniversary. I've only seen a few photos from their day, but I hear their wedding bell every time Nanny drives me somewhere in her gold van, the color representing it as a 50th anniversary present. Since they've been married, it has hung above her car seat.

I will take many more photos in my lifetime, but I don't think any will compare to this one. It's not always the composition, the lighting, or a photo's artistic value that makes it a master piece, it's how it makes the viewer feel. That's how you know you've captured a moment.