Evening Lanterns


Growing up in southern New Hampshire, I went to Boston often. Field trips, shows, walking the Freedom Trail with my parents, (flying out of Logan- still counts, right?), and that time we ended up at a PETA protest, I've been there often enough. After moving to northern New Hampshire, high school and college kept me busy and weekends were spent with Nanny & Grandpa. Now that I'm out of school, I've had more opportunity to go places and shape the life I want to live. Over the past year and a half I've been a freelance writer on and off for Emshika, owner of my favorite restaurants in Littleton: Chang Thai Cafe and M-ZO Tea & Co. After leaving my marketing assistant job in Plymouth, she offered me a job as her executive assistant and marketing coordinator, one of my first tasks being to accompany her to Entrepreneur's Masters & Mentors conference in Boston. I'm loving this job already!

Emshika is from Thailand and came to the U.S. to study for her Master's degree. She loves visiting the city, and is quite savvy and navigating Boston, New York, and beyond. With her I took my first ride in a cab, went shopping on Newbury Street, and visited Chinatown.

I noticed the gorgeous colors of these lanterns, but I was so consumed with taking everything in that I didn't decide to take pictures until Emshika pulled out her iPhone and gave me the idea. The evening light and city background made these images pop, and I can't wait to practice more urban photography.