42 Maple Gallery Show


This month I've been honored to have my work featured at my first ever gallery show! I've had a few pieces grace the walls of galleries before, but this is the first time I've been responsible for an entire wall space.  The show debuted Oct. 2 at 42 Maple, this awesome contemporary art center in Bethlehem that has a history dating back to its roots as a congregational church built in 1877. It's so exciting, especially since printing photos isn't as common anymore. As digital photographers, we often leave image files on our hard drives where it's rare they'll see the light of day again. Sometimes I'll go through the archives and post one of these forgotten photos to preserve its memory, but mostly I upload them to the drive and move on. Many of the important ones are on Facebook, and that's good enough, right?

Not quite. There's this awesome Canon printer commercial that speaks to this point, revealing the sad truth that many of the photos I send my clients rarely make it on their walls as well. I've decided to change this, at least on my end.

I need photos for the walls of my new apartment, and having a gallery show is the perfect solution to my problem. Already I had to print photos, and if they didn't sell, I could hang them on my wall!

When I walked into the artists' reception I was greeted by bold, beautiful colors, the zenith to anything a computer screen could display. What an impact this gallery show has had on me! It is the first time I printed anything larger than 8x10, and the first time I've ever seen my photos on canvas. I'm truly hooked and look forward to future gallery shows...and printing more photos.

 42 Maple