Rhythmic Waves

Since moving to the mountains I have had little opportunity to explore the beach. My parents hate crowds and I have always feared traffic, thus I rarely make it to the coast. Fortunately for me I have a wonderful friend who is an amazing driver and an admirer of road trips.

Therefore I visited the beach!

The ocean is a completely different experience than the mountains. Instead of crisp air spiced with forest the beach has chilly air spiced with salt. Instead of leaves swaying in the breeze the beach has tall patches of straw. The light, cheery blue of an ocean scene versus the greenery of the mountains.

 To be honest I prefer the beach to the mountains; I've always had a connection with water. Born an Aquarius astrological sign in Newburyport, Mass., I feel at home when I'm swimming in the water. It's freeing. Time seems to suspend itself and the world stands still. All that can be heard is the pressure of the water, and the rhythmic waves.

When I drown out the noise of other beach goers, I notice a pulse. The cry of the sea gull, the sting of the salty air, the thundering of the waves. There's something about those waves. To stand in the ocean is to literally be knocked off one's feet. They're so powerful. When I close my eyes I can feel their force vibrating around me as the rhythm sways me back and forth. The refreshing coolness. The occasional slime of sea weed. It's an amazing experience.

The night following a visit to the beach is much of the same experience. I can still feel the rhythm when I'm laying on my bed. The pounding of the wave of my body; the light feeling. Every night I feel as though I'm there, and every night I dream of going back again.

Meg BrownComment