Lovely Lyndon =)

It is uncomprehensible that in four months I will begin college. Although this is a huge change in my life I look forward to it with the confidence that I will do well, and that I chose the school that's right for me.

I'm not a traditional student. I do not believe in a lasseiz-faire outlook on my life. After taking part in planning and altering my high school schedule to graduate- with highest honors- a year early, I realized that I need a college that will work with me like Profile High School did. 

Lyndon is just that. Not only has their communication with me been excellent, but they are flexible. There was no problem in transfering my dual high school/college credits nor was there an issue with enrolling in summer classes before I technically begin school. Lydon allows students to participate in the planning of their college career. Being a small school advisors have time to devote to students instead of seeking a "quick fix" to problems.

To top it all off Lyndon State College is located in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont which provides a relaxing environment with an abundance of recreational activities to participate in. Attending a small school in a quiet, beautiful place is nonpareil to any other college I could have chosen. I love my school. Everytime I visit I feel like it is where I'm meant to be. I feel empowered to be on campus, and that's what I love about Lyndon most of all.

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