Smart is the New Sexy

Below is an article I wrote for the Littleton Courier. (Unfortunately, they decided not to print it.) My grandmother had sent me this awesome Eagle Tribune article by Al Getler article titled "Here's why 'Smart is the new sexy'", and it resonated with me.

You must be very sexy. According to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), you are! By reading a newspaper you are actively declaring that you place emphasis on staying informed, an essential piece to living in this era. Not often does a newspaper compliment its readers in such an overt way, but they do promote intelligence. How else would one learn about the latest scientific breakthroughs, or advances in the world of medicine, or learn of new bills recently passed into laws, or of new projects currently underway to better the community? Without newspapers these happenings would be more difficult to discover.

According to the NAA’s webpage on the “Smart is the New Sexy” campaign, they write that newspapers- whether in print or online- are “The kind [of news] that makes you a more interesting person to talk to, a savvier shopper, a more engaged citizen.” In a world where international relations are more connected than ever via the Internet, it is essential to be smart when handling communications, and staying up-to-date on global happenings is a perfect way to do so. In the shattered economy we are living in today it is also essential for the unemployed to learn about job listings, car buyers to locate the most cost-effective deals, and for movers to find an affordable apartment to rent. The ads featured in every newspaper satisfy the need to conduct research and compare products on all three of these topics, and in the comfort of the reader’s own home. Not only that, but ads draw attention to the different businesses in the area, and to which stores are offering a sale. In continuation, newspapers also promote savings by including pages of coupons from manufacturers. Admit it, cutting out coupons promoted by area businesses is much simpler than hunting for similar ones online, and then having to fumble with a printer.

In a world where black is the new pink- or whatever it is at the moment-, smart can definitely pass as the new sexy. Conversations flow much easier and are more enjoyable between people who are knowledgeable on current affairs. In an age where moving with the times is essential to stay afloat, newspapers remain a top tool in aiding with this process. Admit it: you’re feeling sexier already! For more information visit
Meg BrownComment