Vintage Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! (And happy holidays to others!) To be honest, though, I'm not religious whatsoever. I view Christmas as a month of joy with uplifting decorations, smiles and jolly tunes. To me it's exactly like Thanksgiving where families travel from all over to meet and celebrate at a fixed point. However, Christmas includes trees, red, green, happy songs, and gifts!

Throughout the month of December I'm constantly focused on my Christmas List...for others. My favorite part of the season is creating innovative gift ideas that I know the recipient will adore. Lucky for me my skills include crocheting and photography, which people seem to love. Every time I'm in the dark room at Littleton developing prints, I make a few extra if I think someone might like the photo. My mom has been collecting vintage spoons for years, and when I went to an antique store I found a little plate full of them with a sign! Thus, "Vintage Spoons" was born in corresponding black and white tones. I also gave my grandmother a wooden snowman photo, and my dad's girlfriend "Globe Love": my favorite print. It's a view looking down on a globe positioned on an orange stool with green typewriter letters spelling out "love". Despite the bold coloring, I only had black and white film loaded in my camera, but I think it adds an old time feeling.

For me, my family was superfluously creative. I've always wanted a manual typewriter, but I figured it was too expensive to put on my list. My parents thought otherwise. When I opened the light blue, manual Underwood typewriter I almost collapsed! It's gorgeous. My Oma also gave me my favorite quilt she ever made: a purple/green blooming nine-patch. My aunt-who has two boys and no girls- gave me this fantastic sweater from Urban Outfitters that I can't wait to wear! Her, my uncle and my cousins also gave me a bunch of old "I Love Lucy" memorabilia, and so did my grandparents. As I'm going to college, I also received home goods. Yay! Not to mention I was given a whole bunch of yarn! It was one of the most thoughtful Christmases I've ever had, and it was wonderful to spend time with my family. I can not wait for February when my mom's side and I are heading to the Red Jacket in North Conway for a fun, birthday weekend. Fun times! =)
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