Passion For Life!

"Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion."
~Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

How can a person be limited to one passion? We all must have more than just one. I know I have many, and they all seem to intertwine. Perfect when planning my life. If you've tuned in to my other posts, or can conclude from the title of my blog, I enjoy traveling, photography, writing, and smiling!

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to travel on an airplane at least once, even if it's only from Kentucky to California. Our world is so varied, and our cultures differ all over. To experience something different than what a person is used to may alter their opinions about the world, and help them understand how everyone is different.

Another passion of mine is writing, especially on this blog or essays on an issue I wish to change. Writing allows me to express my beliefs in the most perfect way possible, as I have the time to think about which words I want to use and how I want to write my piece. (I'm generally awful at comebacks!)

My final passion is photography, which intertwines with writing and traveling perfectly. I am quite choosy about the subjects I select to photograph, and I love to show the world in a different way. My favorite photos are those that radiate with excellent aesthetic quality! Looking through a lens truly helps me appreciate this world more in depth than my eyes do.

This blog incorporates all three of my passions, which makes it my guiding factor. I only hope people read it...

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