Important Aspects of Life

I honestly believe the most affective way to answer this question would be to make a list, as each aspect should be focused on individually instead of morphed together.

  • Love- I believe this emotion fills one up more profoundly than happiness does. In the worst of situations, love can be present when happiness is not, therefore it is love that brings one through those difficult times.
  • Happiness- When one is happy, positive vibes attract positive outcomes. How can one expect good things to come when they are miserable? Happiness is the joy that propels people into the future. It is the characteristic of achievement. How would the world continue without the presence of happiness?
  • Fulfillment- When one feels fulfilled, they are usually proud of a recent accomplishment. Many times, they also feel as though their lives are complete and their content with the way their world works. Fulfillment can be created through charity, or even a job that one truly enjoys. This aspect can also lead to love and happiness.
  • Health- One can function without health, but pleasure can't last long. With health, we have the energy to accomplish more and enjoy life! How can one run around the world without health? Health causes one to feel wholesome, and even happy. When one is unhealthy, they are most likely unhappy as well.
I wish I could write more, but this seems to be a complexly simple topic. Maybe I'll add more later, but for the time being I feel this list serves the initial purpose.
Meg BrownComment