Meggie: The Young Days

After writing about a childhood memory yesterday, I thought I'd explore that time even further with pictures. I'm talking about the time when I always stuck my tongue out in photos, when I wore my hair in pigtails and people called me "Meggie". Let me take you back to the mid 90's when I was born. The day was February 1st, 1995 at 8:05am. I debuted my first breaths in the Anna Jacques Hospital in Newburyport, Massachusetts, also known as "The Mouth of the Merrimack". (This is where the river empties into the sea to be swept onto a new adventure. Here in the North Country, we call it the Pemigewasset, though!)

Back then I was dubbed Megan Joy Ziebart. It was when my dad lived with us on Peaslee Crossing Road in Newton, New Hampshire. I loved that house. There was a little cement bath that ran horizontally through the back where I'd ride in my little car through the yard and in the driveway. This was before the motorized kiddie cars, though. Mine was the Flintstones model where there was no bottom so I could propel myself forward with tiny footsteps. Ahh the memories.

My neighbor, Courtney and I would always cuddle up in a papasan chair (which we called a bird's nest) and play with our Beanie Babies. We adopted Rainbow from the MSPCA when I lived in that house. Back then, Rainbow was a kitten and it was before she ran off her brother, Yoshi (named by Dave).

My favorite picture of me and my mom was taken on the front stoop. I thought she looked lovely. It was the best hair style she's ever worn, and I never let her forget it! I remember my mom and dad's room well. Their bathroom was the place where I wiped my tongue when I tried wet cat food. Quite. Nasty. I also remember my brother's room, and his bed. It was a high bunk with a desk and several drawers underneath. To me it was so high, that when I tried to climb it I didn't want to come down! It was scary, and I was stuck. DD loved playing with dinosaurs, and he knew every name. I remember this dinosaur bag made my Fancy Nancy (who watched me quite often) where he'd keep his dinosaurs. My brother was such a bright kid before puberty, when he lost his diligence.

For me, however, I can't really remember my own room. Isn't that strange? I can picture the kitchen, the living room, my parent's room, their bathroom, and DD's room, even the basement, but not my room or the other bathroom. I suppose I'll have to hunt down a picture.

My favorite part of this house was the location. We were only five minutes from Nanny and Grandpa's in Merrimac, and we lived near a grove. I remember the neighborhood kids, and how I was always the youngest. I also remember my older friend Courtney, (the one who I played in the birds nest with) and how we painted rocks with out mothers' nail polish (whether they liked it or not!) Watching Courtney board the bus on the first day of school broke my heart, and I was jealous as I wanted begin my own journey into first grade. Sigh.

The worst part of Newton was Debbie's Day Care. I still maintain that Debbie was not a fan of children. We always had to take nap time even if we weren't tired. If she could tell we were awake, trouble would follow. I just wanted to play! There is one memory I enjoyed and that would be sculpting with playdough. Other than that, Debbie was a witch.

The transition from mom and dad to divorce, Tim, and step-dad is hazy. My parents split when I was so young, and my dad was mostly working so I never really noticed when they did divorce. By the time I reached four I was fine with it. Later that year, on October 9, 1999 mom married Tim Brown, and we moved to Derry. I remember holding onto the cold metal frame of my bed and crying. I loved that house with the big trees out front and the two yellow tulips that grew every year. I was not pleased to move into a pink (ahem, "putty") house where I didn't know anyone and had to leave my friends behind. And instead of five minutes, Nanny and Grandpa were a half hour away! I missed them so. However, I am grateful for the move.

My Derry years are still prominent in my mind. It's my hometown, and where I've spent 5/8 of my life, or ten years to be general. My tree house, the shed, kindergarten, the dirt bikes, EDMES and my first day of school, the pool, Casey (Tim's Golden Retriever), the new neighborhood kids and all the memories that lead up to the end of eighth grade. Ah, but I will save that for another day.

P.S. Pics are coming! =)
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