We've Moved! Welcome to the new blog.

I can't believe it's been over six years since I started writing this blog! What began as an assignment junior year in AP Language & Composition has led to the online public diary of my life events and thoughts on different topics.

This blog began as Traveling Sunshine. My goal was to write about travel, books, and different places. Then I decided to start publishing my college essays and

thoughts on different topics- a challenge to be more mindful and current with modern society and goings on.

Now, I want to try something new. 

Although I will continue writing "Life, musings, and aspirations...," not only is the look of the blog different (thank you, Squarespace!), I want to incorporate more homesteading and simple living, a new theme.

To me, homesteading is the "do-it-yourself" of living. It is living naturally, low impact, and frugally. Shelby and I have been in an apartment for one year now (to the day!), so homesteading has been everything we can achieve without a yard. That's going to change in a month and a half when we move into our new house, though!

I grew up composting, running around my family gardens, and raising chickens, Megg's Eggs being my first official business. Through this blog and with my new house, I want to expand on the homesteading I did as a child by adopting goats, growing flowers as well as vegetables, making my own cleaning products, and cooking more.

So come Fall, expect more life, musing, aspirations- and homesteading!

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