MegAGLOW Marketing

Growing up, I wanted to be a writer. Until I picked up a camera, writing was my passion and obsession, one that led to the establishment of multiple class newspapers in elementary school, and editing my middle and high school newspapers.

Even when I determined I wanted to go into business with photography, I chose to pursue an English degree in college. National Geographic has said they prefer their photographers to have degrees in journalism, history, and/or science rather than photography.

My recent places of employment hired me because I'm a writer first, photographer second. But in the professional business sphere, I was known as a photographer. After joining the Littleton Area Chamber of Commerce's Board of Directors, however, people started learning that I write as well. So I expanded my freelance writing gig to include more clients.

I'm always the type that needs complete control and has to do everything myself. The MegaBug website is a prime example: I designed, wrote, and photographed everything. Emshika was so impressed that I designed her a website.

Others began asking for websites, but I'm not confident enough to do a huge website on my own.

Enter Angie.

We met at the Littleton Chamber's Annual Dinner in 2014, where Angie developed a crush on my camera. (She's a photographer too!) Over the past few years, we've developed a friendship, and always concurred that we should find a way to collaborate. After working directly together at M-ZO Tea & Co., she discovered I'm a writer while I found out she's a web and graphic designer.

So last month, we started MegAGLOW Marketing, LLC.- a combination of our respective photography business names, MegaBug Photography and AGLOW Photography

MegAGLOW Marketing offers numerous services under the umbrellas of web design, graphic design, photography, public relations, and social media. We look at each project individually to determine how to best utilize a variety of our offerings, so each client is left with a fully developed website, social media campaign, e-newsletter outreach, and more.

For clients looking for a more comprehensive approach, we offer managed marketing services in three tiers, tailored to the businesses' wants and needs.

I'm excited to use my business degree and minor in marketing, and to expand upon what I learned about while working for TotalScope Marketing. Mostly, I'm looking forward to helping other small businesses realize their potential.