Focus & Passion

Yesterday, my boss decided that we were going to go to the driving range and out for lunch. Emshika has been an avid golfer for the past several years, and man does she look good while doing it.

I accompanied her as caddie/videographer, filming her swings so she could review them. The extent of my golf knowledge is summer camp stints with neon clubs and balls- both of which had to match. Emshika's for real. She has- like- 9 golf clubs, and a snazzy bag that stands up on its own.


Each club has a purpose, like a lens to a camera. She practiced with a few, arms straight, knees bent just so, eyes intently focused on the ball. She was solid, structured, and fluid.

I'd ask her questions in between swings, hoping to improve my knowledge of the sport. She answered excitedly, sharing each club's purpose or what she did well or could improve upon with her swing. After my questions slowed down, I went back to filming on her phone.

She was about to drive another ball when she stopped and looked up. "Golf is focus and passion," she revealed. Her arms relaxed and she straightened her body, leaning slightly on her hip. "It's a hard sport to learn, but if you persist, you'll get it. Just like business and life." She drove the ball. "Golf teaches psychology too," she continued. "You can't be distracted when playing golf. Your entire body is into it, you make full eye contact with the ball. You can't think about anything else but the ball. It's a good distraction from reality. Very relaxing. I think that's why a lot of business people play golf."


When I think golf, I usually imagine lazy, old, and crotchety businessman drunkenly wheeling golf carts to the next hole, making business deals in between. Or I think of

Lucy and Ethel.

But Emshika's analogy struck me. She pulled me away from bill paying, cookbook proposals, and social media strategizing to accompanying her to the driving range. I was grateful- I loved it! She kept telling me, "It'll only be a few more minutes," but I didn't need that consolation. We were outside in the sunny Spring weather, walking on grass and enjoying the breeze. I wasn't the one golfing, but I felt relaxed. While she continued to practice, I thought about what she said. I could definitely use a distraction. I should get back into yoga, or maybe take Angie up on her offer to play tennis. Maybe I should give golf a try!

Well, maybe I should master the mini golf course first...