Big City Blues

This past weekend Sam and I ventured south to the big city of Boston. Driving through the skyline, below the streets, and under that famous triangular bridge was exhilarating; the glitz of city life is mesmerizing. At first.

We had a fabulous time navigating the T, eating at Quincy Market, appreciating the history and assimilating a wealth of knowledge at the Museum of Science- but when we merged onto I93, we knew the mountains are where we're meant to be.

To prove my point:

Check out my redneck tourist! Not everyday you run into someone in the big city who is outfitted with Carhartt complete with a camo camera strap hanging around his neck. (And think of all the people you find in Boston...)

It's exciting to experience the city because it's so different. Looking up Saturday night I admired how the tall, majestic stone buildings curved along the street, and how sophisticatedly timid the City Hall appeared, its sharp edges cutting into the night. And that sky! There was barely a twinkle to it. Dark yet tinted white with pollution.

No, I like being surrounded by mountains. Cities truly are a concrete jungle: cold and unforgiving. People claim there's more to do in the city, but growing up in southern New Hampshire I can attest that- in reality- northern New Hampshire has it going on. At least we can have a decent rest up here! The T was perpetually roaring by our hotel room, not to mention the families stumbling about at all hours to catch their flights. (Thankfully Sam decided not to snore on top of it.)

So I do love visiting the city, but could never live there. The diversity of people is refreshing, and it is delightful to hear their stories. It's also incredible how these differences mesh together in such a strong sense of community for a city that size. (After all, "Boston Strong" is a ubiquitous phrase now.) Furthermore, the history of the city truly makes it a spectacular destination. The Revolution started there! I remember being a kid and walking the Freedom Trail with my parents, captivated to be standing places of such significance. Sam and I plan on exploring it in the Spring. I also remember sitting on one of the golden ducks inspired by "Make Way for Ducklings" when I was 5. Maybe Sam will sit with me next time! (Well, maybe not...)