Celtic Woman


To celebrate St. Patrick's Day and the upcoming spring equinox, I've been photographing a lot of green lately. 

That being said, I am excited to announce my partnership with League of NH Craftsmen's Littleton Gallery!

As I work to expand my food and product portfolio, Beth Simon of the Littleton Gallery is welcoming me to use League pieces in my shots- and I've been having SO much fun.

Check out the Littleton Gallery's March newsletter for photos by MegaBug Photography, including these shots of Celtic-inspired jewelry by Deirdre Donnelly Jewelry. Deirdre’s pieces are stunning, and while I adored the stand-alone shots I took of the pendant, I knew they would pop on a model.

Enter Patti, my co-founder at  Serendipity Studios.

Patti just so happened to have a beautiful green cable knit sweater, and we had so much fun capturing these shots.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and may have plenty of luck and a pot of gold!